doi: 10.1553/ecomont-5-2
(Abstract) (PDF)

Christoph Stadel
Editorial 3
doi: 10.1553/ecomont-5-2s3
(Abstract) (PDF)

Carla Marchant - Axel Borsdorf
Protected areas in Northern Colombia – on track to sustainable development? 5
doi: 10.1553/ecomont-5-2s5
(Abstract) (PDF)

Michael Jungmeier - Tobias Köstl - Sigrun Lange - Markus Bliem
The art of omission: BRIMNockberge – designing a Biosphere Reserve Integrated Monitoring for the Carinthian part of the Biosphere Reserve Salzburger Lungau & Kärntner Nockberge 15
doi: 10.1553/ecomont-5-2s15
(Abstract) (PDF)

Veronika Andrea - Stilianos Tampakis - Georgios Tsantopoulos - Garyfallos Arabatzis
Administration and management effectiveness of protected areas: stakeholders’ views of Dadia National Park, Greece 23
doi: 10.1553/ecomont-5-2s23
(Abstract) (PDF)

Franziska Rom - Arne Arnberger - Robert C. Burns
Exploring differences in mountain landscape preferences and perceptions between Austrian and United States protected area visitors 35
doi: 10.1553/ecomont-5-2s35
(Abstract) (PDF)

Samuel J. Biondo
A multi-zone biomonitoring buffer concept for protected areas to conserve biological diversity and prevent adverse effects of anthropogenic pollution 47
doi: 10.1553/ecomont-5-2s47
(Abstract) (PDF)

Heidi Humer-Gruber
Impressions from the 2013 EURUFU Summer School Lungau 51
doi: 10.1553/ecomont-5-2s51
(Abstract) (PDF)

Thomas Scheurer
How to set up a dynamic residual flow regime: the example of the River Spöl (Swiss National Park) 55
doi: 10.1553/ecomont-5-2s55
(Abstract) (PDF)

Günter Köck - Martha Umhack - Christian Diry
The Austrian Biosphere Reserves. A (connoisseur’s) world beyond the cookery book 59
doi: 10.1553/ecomont-5-2s59
(Abstract) (PDF)

Kurt Scharr
Book Review 64
doi: 10.1553/ecomont-5-2s64
(Abstract) (PDF)

Axel Borsdorf - Günter Köck
News 65
doi: 10.1553/ecomont-5-2s65
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