doi: 10.1553/ecomont-6-2
(Abstract) (PDF)

Brigitte Scott - Valerie Braun
Editorial 3
doi: 10.1553/ecomont-6-2s3
(Abstract) (PDF)

Katharina Conradin - Urs Wiesmann
Does World Natural Heritage status trigger sustainable regional development efforts? 5
doi: 10.1553/ecomont-6-2s5
(Abstract) (PDF)

Michael Kuttner - Anna Schneidergruber - Thomas Wrbka
Do landscape patterns reflect ecosystem service provision? – A comparison between protected and unprotected areas throughout the Lake Neusiedl region 13
doi: 10.1553/ecomont-6-2s13
(Abstract) (PDF)

Marianne Penker - Pamela Mühlmann - Andreas Muhar
Volunteering for land care – A typology of civil society organizations in Austria, Germany and Switzerland as the basis for establishing new initiatives 21
doi: 10.1553/ecomont-6-2s21
(Abstract) (PDF)

Ernst Steinicke - Kabann I.B. Kabananukye
National parks and social tensions – Case study Ugandan Rwenzori National Park 29
doi: 10.1553/ecomont-6-2s29
(Abstract) (PDF)

Maolin Hu - Huiming Zhou - Zhiqiang Wu - Shan Ouyang - Chunquan Chen
Freshwater fish species richness and conservation of mountain streams in the Jinggangshan National Nature Reserve, China 37
doi: 10.1553/ecomont-6-2s37
(Abstract) (PDF)

Stefanie von Fumetti - Susanne Felder
Faunistic Characterization of Alpine springs in the Swiss National Park 43
doi: 10.1553/ecomont-6-2s43
(Abstract) (PDF)

Axel Borsdorf
Book Review 50
doi: 10.1553/ecomont-6-2s50
(Abstract) (PDF)

Günter Köck
Report of the EuroMAB Conference 2013, “Engaging our Communities”, Frontenac Arch Biosphere Reserve, Brockville (Ontario, Canada), 15–19 October 2013 53
doi: 10.1553/ecomont-6-2s53
(Abstract) (PDF)

Szymon Ciapała - Paweł Adamski - Adam Mroczka - Juraj Svajda - Zbigniew Witkowski
Threats related to tourism and recreation in Natura 2000 areas, based on the analysis of the standard data forms (SDF) from the Alpine Bioregion of Slovakia 55
doi: 10.1553/ecomont-6-2s55
(Abstract) (PDF)

Muriz Spahić - Aida Korjenic - Edin Hrelja
Problems of genesis, evolution and protection of the Una tuff in Una National Park 61
doi: 10.1553/ecomont-6-2s61
(Abstract) (PDF)

Axel Borsdorf
News 68
doi: 10.1553/ecomont-6-2s68
(Abstract) (PDF)