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Manfred Bietak

Ägypten und Levante XXVII

ISSN: 1015-5104 ISSN Online: 1813-5145
ISBN-13: 978-3-7001-8212-2 ISBN-13 Online: 978-3-7001-8281-8
Subject Area: Egyptology
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Manfred Bietak
Preliminaries page 1
doi: 10.1553/AEundL27s1
(Abstract) (PDF)

Manfred Bietak
Contents page 7
doi: 10.1553/AEundL27s7
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Manfred Bietak
Abbreviations page 9
doi: 10.1553/AEundL27s9
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Manfred Bietak - Ernst Czerny
Preface for the Editorial Board page 13
doi: 10.1553/AEundL27s13
(Abstract) (PDF)

Hanan Charaf
Jean-Paul Thalmann (1946-2017). Nécrologie page 17
doi: 10.1553/AEundL27s17
(Abstract) (PDF)

Sławomir Rzepka - Jozef Hudec - Łukasz Jarmużek - Veronika Dubcová - Lucia Hulková - Anna Wodzińska - Alena Šefčáková - Eva Stopková
From Hyksos Tombs to Late Period Tower Houses. Tell el-Retaba – Seasons 2015–2016 page 19
doi: 10.1553/AEundL27s19
(Abstract) (PDF)

Sylwia Buławka
Flint Artefacts from Tell el-Retaba. Polish-Slovak Archaeological Mission, Seasons 2010–2016 page 87
doi: 10.1553/AEundL27s87
(Abstract) (PDF)

Alena Šefčáková
Anthropological Observations from Tell el-Retaba page 99
doi: 10.1553/AEundL27s99
(Abstract) (PDF)

Julia Budka
Pyramid Cemetery SAC5, Sai Island, Northern Sudan. An Update Based on Fieldwork from 2015–2017 page 107
doi: 10.1553/AEundL27s107
(Abstract) (PDF)

Christian Knoblauch - Vera Müller
Contributions to the Workshop “Werkstattgespräche zu Abfallhaufen und kultischen Ablagerungen” page 131
doi: 10.1553/AEundL27s131
(Abstract) (PDF)

Teresa Bürge
Ritual Depositions versus Garbage Pits: A Re-evaluation of Pottery Deposits and Offering Pits at the Late Bronze Age City of Hala Sultan Tekke, Cyprus page 133
doi: 10.1553/AEundL27s133
(Abstract) (PDF)

Lucia Hulková - Anna Wodzińska
Rubbish or Technology? A Short Discussion page 151
doi: 10.1553/AEundL27s151
(Abstract) (PDF)

Vera Müller
Waste, Offerings or Cultic Depositions? An Insight into the Varieties of Depositional Practices in Ancient Egypt page 159
doi: 10.1553/AEundL27s159
(Abstract) (PDF)

Noga Ayali-Darshan
The Background of the Cedar Forest Tradition in the Egyptian Tale of the Two Brothers in the Light of West-Asian Literature page 183
doi: 10.1553/AEundL27s183
(Abstract) (PDF)

Daphna Ben-Tor
Ramesside Scarabs Simulating Middle Bronze Age Canaanite Prototypes: Canaanite or Egyptian? page 195
doi: 10.1553/AEundL27s195
(Abstract) (PDF)

Julia Budka - Tamás Mekis
The Family of Wah-ib-Re I (TT 414) from Thebes page 219
doi: 10.1553/AEundL27s219
(Abstract) (PDF)

Wojciech Ejsmond
The Necropolis of er-Rizeiqat page 241
doi: 10.1553/AEundL27s241
(Abstract) (PDF)

Israel Finkelstein - Dafna Langgut - Meirav Meiri - Lidar Sapir-Hen
Egyptian Imperial Economy in Canaan: Reaction to the Climate Crisis at the End of the Late Bronze Age page 249
doi: 10.1553/AEundL27s249
(Abstract) (PDF)

Israel Finkelstein - Eran Arie - Mario A.S. Martin - Eli Piasetzky
New Evidence on the Late Bronze/Iron I Transition at Megiddo: Implications for the End of the Egyptian Rule and the Appearance of Philistine Pottery page 261
doi: 10.1553/AEundL27s261
(Abstract) (PDF)

Roman Gundacker
Papyrus British Museum 10056: Ergebnisse einer Neukollationierung und Anmerkungen zur inhaltlichen Auswertung im Rahmen der militärischen Ausbildung Amenophis’ II page 281
doi: 10.1553/AeundL27s281
(Abstract) (PDF)

Christiana E. Köhler
The Development of Social Complexity in Early Egypt. A View from the Perspective of the Settlements and Material Culture of the Nile Valley page 335
doi: 10.1553/AEundL27s335
(Abstract) (PDF)

Massimiliano Nuzzolo - Jaromír Krejčí
Heliopolis and the Solar Cult in the Third Millennium BC page 357
doi: 10.1553/AEundL27s357
(Abstract) (PDF)

Anna-Latifa Mourad
Asiatics and Levantine(-infuenced) Products in Nubia: Evidence from the Middle Kingdom to the Early Second Intermediate Period page 381
doi: 10.1553/AEundL27s381
(Abstract) (PDF)

Katharina Streit
Transregional Interactions between Egypt and the Southern Levant in the 6th Millennium calBC page 403
doi: 10.1553/AEundL27s403
(Abstract) (PDF)

Sabine Tschorn
Nun-Schalen aus der Stadt des Neuen Reiches auf der Insel Sai page 431
doi: 10.1553/AEundL27s431
(Abstract) (PDF)