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Valerie Braun - Martin Coy - Massimo Bocca - Jean-Jacques Brun - Leopold Füreder - Matej Gabrovec - Günter Köck - Guido Plassmann - Roland Psenner - Thomas Scheurer - Dominik Siegrist - Astrid Wallner - Herbert Wölger
Editorial by the editors and the editorial board - Related projects recorded in the European Mountain Pool 3
doi: 10.1553/eco.mont-10-2s3
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Maolin Hu - Chaoyang Wang - Xiangyu Zhang - Rongbin Yuan - Aifang Zhang - Liuzheng Wu - Shaoqing Jian
Fish species abundance and distribution in Wuyishan National Nature Reserve, Jiangxi Province, China 9
doi: 10.1553/eco.mont-10-2s9
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Tommaso Sitzia - Carlo Piazzi - Giovanni Barazzutti - Thomas Campagnaro
Abandonment of timber harvesting favours European beech over silver fir: evidence from Val Tovanella Nature Reserve in the southern Dolomites (Northern Italy) 17
doi: 10.1553/eco.mont-10-2s17
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Adelheid Humer-Gruber
Where farmers see their role – Influence on sustainable regional development approaches in Alpine biosphere reserves 28
doi: 10.1553/eco.mont-10-2s28
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Armin Kratzer
Biosphere Reserves research: a bibliometric analysis 36
doi: 10.1553/eco.mont-10-2s36
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Agata Warchalska-Troll
Natura 2000 sites in the Polish Carpathians vs local development: inevitable conflict? 50
doi: 10.1553/eco.mont-10-2s50
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Andreas Haller - Hildegardo Córdova-Aguilar
Urbanization and the advent of regional conservation: Huancayo and the Cordillera Huaytapallana, Peru 59
doi: 10.1553/eco.mont-10-2s59
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Anna-Sophie Pirtscher
A strangely-shaped protection area 64
doi: 10.1553/eco.mont-10-2s64
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Dominik Siegrist - Harry Spiess - Christian Baumgartner - Gerhard Stürzlinger
Whatsalp – A hiking study across the Alps 69
doi: 10.1553/eco.mont-10-2s69
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Andrés Moreira-Muñoz - Marcelo Leguía - Eduardo Barros - Rodrigo Calcagni
Networking as a crucial step towards sustainability in biosphere reserves: 1st symposium Biosphere Reserves in Transition Towards Sustainability, Pucón (Chile), 20 October 2017 72
doi: 10.1553/eco.mont-10-2s72
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Morten Clemetsen - Knut Bjørn Stokke
Mountain parks in Norway – research and European collaboration 75
doi: 10.1553/eco.mont-10-2s75
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Juraj Švajda
Mountain research in protected areas in the Carpathians – a brief overview 77
doi: 10.1553/eco.mont-10-2s77
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Christian Komposch - Daniel Kreiner
Gesäuse – An Alpine National Park of endemic species and biodiversity research 79
doi: 10.1553/eco.mont-10-2s79
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Anne B. Zimmermann - Susanne Wymann von Dach - Sarah-Lan Mathez-Stiefel - David Molden - Thomas Breu
A brief history of peer-reviewed mountain journals: how platforms for knowledge relevant to sustainable mountain development emerged 84
doi: 10.1553/eco.mont-10-2s84
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Dominik Siegrist
Book Review 88
doi: 10.1553/eco.mont-10-2s88
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Valerie Braun - Martin Coy - Günter Köck
News 89
doi: 10.1553/eco.mont-10-2s89
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