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Axel Borsdorf - Günter Köck

eco.mont Vol. 4 No. 1

ISSN: 2073-106X ISSN Online: 2073-1558
ISBN-13 Online: 978-3-7001-7293-2
Subject Area: Geography

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Valerie Braun
Editorial page 3
doi: 10.1553/eco.mont-4-1s3

Thomas Hammer - Ingo Mose - Thomas Scheurer - Dominik Siegrist - Norbert Weixlbaumer
Societal research perspectives on protected areas in Europe page 5
doi: 10.1553/eco.mont-4-1s5

Jean-Baptiste Bosson - Emmanuel Reynard
Geomorphological heritage, conservation and promotion in high-alpine protected areas page 13
doi: 10.1553/eco.mont-4-1s13

Sabine Güsewell - Frank Klötzli
Local plant species replace initially sown species on roadsides in the Swiss National Park page 23
doi: 10.1553/eco.mont-4-1s23

Rodney Garrard
The effects of climate change on people in the Andes: melting glaciers mean drought, tension and conflict for Peru’s mountain people in and around Huascarán National Park page 35
doi: 10.1553/eco.mont-4-1s35

Daniel Kreiner - Alexander Maringer - Lisbeth Zechner
ECONNECT – Improving connectivity in the Alps Implementation in the pilot region Northern Limestone Alps page 41
doi: 10.1553/eco.mont-4-1s41

Manuela Müller
Surveying cultural landscape elements across the Alpine Space page 47
doi: 10.1553/eco.mont-4-1s47

Flavio V. Ruffini
The pale mountain – a UNESCO World Heritage Site page 53
doi: 10.1553/eco.mont-4-1s53

Panos Petridis
Perceptions, attitudes and involvement of local residents in the establishment of a Samothraki Biosphere Reserve, Greece page 59
doi: 10.1553/eco.mont-4-1s59

Thomas Schaaf
Book Review: Köck, G., L. Lammerhuber & M. Umhack 2011. Vielfalt Geniessen page 34
doi: 10.1553/eco.mont-4-1s34

Brigitte Scott
Book Review: Grabherr, G. & L. Lammerhuber Ein Garten für das 21. Jahrhundert – A 21st Century Garden page 64
doi: 10.1553/eco.mont-4-1s64

Astrid Wallner
News: Comparative research on protected areas in Switzerland – a thematic catalogue
doi: 10.1553/eco.mont-4-1