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Advisory Board

Alexandra Busch, Romano-Germanic Central Museum, Mainz, Germany

Svend Hansen, German Archaeological Institute (DAI), Berlin, Germany

Viktória Kiss, Research Centre for the Humanities, Institute of Archaeology, Department of Prehistory, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary

Philip R. Nigst, Institute of Prehistoric and Historical Archaeology, University of Vienna, Austria

Peter Pavúk, Institute of Classical Archaeology, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic

Ernst Pernicka, Curt-Engelhorn-Centre Archaeometry gGmbH Mannheim and University of Heidelberg, Germany

Katarina Katja Predovnik, Department of Archaeology, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Eva Rosenstock, Bonn Center for ArchaeoSciences, Germany

Stefanie Samida, Historisches Seminar, University of Heidelberg, Germany

Maria Teschler-Nicola, Department of Anthropology, Natural History Museum, Vienna, Austria