Subject: Sociology and Economics
ISSN: 1728-4414
ISSN Online: 1728-5305
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Editor: Tomáš Sobotka
Managing Editor: Maria Winkler-Dworak            

Tomas Sobotka
Editorial page I
doi: 10.1553/populationyearbook2006sI
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Wolfgang Lutz
Preface page II
doi: 10.1553/populationyearbook2006sII
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Tomas Sobotka
Editors for this volume / Authors for this volume page III
doi: 10.1553/populationyearbook2006sIII
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Tomas Sobotka
Contents page IV
doi: 10.1553/populationyearbook2006sIV
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Francesco C. Billari - Aart C. Liefbroer - Dimiter Philipov
The Postponement of Childbearing in Europe: Driving Forces and Implications page 1
doi: 10.1553/populationyearbook2006s1
(Abstract) (PDF)

Eva Bernhardt - Frances Goldscheider
Gender Equality, Parenthood Attitudes, and First Births in Sweden page 19
doi: 10.1553/populationyearbook2006s19
(Abstract) (PDF)

Maria Rita Testa - Laurent Toulemon
Family Formation in France: Individual Preferences and Subsequent Outcomes page 41
doi: 10.1553/populationyearbook2006s41
(Abstract) (PDF)

Ester Rizzi - Allessandro Rossina
Does Sex Matter? Ageing and Ability to Conceive page 77
doi: 10.1553/populationyearbook2006s77
(Abstract) (PDF)

Hideko Matsuo
The Postponement of Motherhood and its Child Health Consequences: Birth Weight and Weight Gain during the First Year of Life page 91
doi: 10.1553/populationyearbook2006s91
(Abstract) (PDF)

John Bongaarts - Griffith Feeney
The Quantum and Tempo of Life-Cycle Events page 115
doi: 10.1553/populationyearbook2006s115
(Abstract) (PDF)

Joshua R. Goldstein
How Late Can First Births Be Postponed? Some Illustrative Population-level Calculations page 153
doi: 10.1553/populationyearbook2006s153
(Abstract) (PDF)

Wolfgang Lutz - Vegard Skirbekk - Maria Rita Testa
The Low Fertility Trap Hypothesis. Forces that May Lead to Further Postponement and Fewer Births in Europe page 167
doi: 10.1553/populationyearbook2006s167
(Abstract) (PDF)

Dirk J. van de Kaa
Temporarily New: On Low Fertility and the Prospect of Pro-natal Policies page 193
doi: 10.1553/populationyearbook2006s193
(Abstract) (PDF)

Peter McDonald
An Assessment of Policies that Support Having Children from the Perspectives of Equity, Efficiency and Efficacy page 213
doi: 10.1553/populationyearbook2006s213
(Abstract) (PDF)

Tomas Sobotka
Guidelines for Authors page 235
doi: 10.1553/populationyearbook2006s235
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