Subject: Sociology and Economics
ISSN: 1728-4414
ISSN Online: 1728-5305
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Editor: Tomáš Sobotka
Managing Editor: Maria Winkler-Dworak            

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Raya Muttarak - Wolfgang Lutz - Leiwen Jiang
What can demographers contribute to the study of vulnerability? page 1
doi: 10.1553/populationyearbook2015s1
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Peter McDonald
Engagement of demographers in environmental issues from a historical perspective page 15
doi: 10.1553/populationyearbook2015s15
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Anastasia J. Gage
The next best time for demographers to contribute to climate change research page 19
doi: 10.1553/populationyearbook2015s19
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Lori M Hunter - Jane Menken
Will climate change shift demography’s ‘normal science’? page 23
doi: 10.1553/populationyearbook2015s23
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Xizhe Peng - Qin Zhu
Barriers to involvement of Chinese demographers in climate change research page 29
doi: 10.1553/populationyearbook2015s29
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Adrian C. Hayes
Population dynamics and climate change: A challenging frontier for the intrepid demographer page 33
doi: 10.1553/populationyearbook2015s33
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Wolfgang Lutz
Two statements on population and sustainable development produced by global scientific panels in 2002 and 2012 page 37
doi: 10.1553/populationyearbook2015s37
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Emilio Zagheni - Raya Muttarak - Erich Striessnig
Differential mortality patterns from hydro-meteorological disasters: Evidence from cause-of-death data by age and sex page 47
doi: 10.1553/populationyearbook2015s47
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Zhongwei Zhao - Yuan Zhu - Edward Jow-Chung Tu
Daily mortality changes in Taiwan in the 1970s: An examination of the relationship between temperature and mortality page 71
doi: 10.1553/populationyearbook2015s71
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J. Andres F. Ignacio - Grace T. Cruz - Fernando Nardi - Sabine Henry
Assessing the effectiveness of a social vulnerability index in predicting heterogeneity in the impacts of natural hazards: Case study of the Tropical Storm Washi flood in the Philippines page 91
doi: 10.1553/populationyearbook2015s91
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Alex de Sherbinin - Guillem Bardy
Social vulnerability to floods in two coastal megacities: New York City and Mumbai page 131
doi: 10.1553/populationyearbook2015s131
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Jacqueline Meijer-Irons
Who perceives what? A demographic analysis of subjective perception in rural Thailand page 167
doi: 10.1553/populationyearbook2015s167
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Raya Muttarak - Thanyaporn Chankrajang
Who is concerned about and takes action on climate change? Gender and education divides among Thais page 193
doi: 10.1553/populationyearbook2015s193
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Erich Striessnig - Elke Loichinger
Future differential vulnerability to natural disasters by level of education page 221
doi: 10.1553/populationyearbook2015s221
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Jesús Crespo Cuaresma - Wolfgang Lutz
The demography of human development and climate change vulnerability: A projection exercise page 241
doi: 10.1553/populationyearbook2015s241
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Elke Loichinger - Samir KC - Wolfgang Lutz
A four-dimensional population module for the analysis of future adaptive capacity in the Phang Nga province of Thailand page 263
doi: 10.1553/populationyearbook2015s263
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